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My Groovy CBD's mission is to provide education so you can understand the benefits of CBD and how it can impact your life by offering Free CBD webinars and premium products you can trust.

Who We Are

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Nicole Lanni

Founder/Sales Director

sam lanni

Sam Lanni

Marketing/Fulfillment Director

Sam and Nicole want to bring GROOVY back! By this we mean how do you feel each day? How’s your vibe? Are you happy? Is your life peaceful? Are you well? Do you feel groovy?

Nicole and Sam teamed up 6 years ago when they met. Nicole is a holistic wellness coach and Sam has been in the cannabis business for 11 years. They knew if they brought their energy together and shared their experiences with others they could make a difference in the CBD community. They love to teach about the benefits of CBD and how it can make a huge impact on your daily lives. Nicole has a vibrant energy and has empathy for clients based on her own medical experiences from being in a coma, overcoming a heart attack, and being misdiagnosed with autoimmune symptoms for years. Sam has a more easy-going kick-back personality and enjoys having in-depth conversations helping others overcome the stigma of cannabis and CBD. Both look forward to helping you with your overall health and wellbeing.

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